If you were to create a “to do” list of all of the tasks required to build out CRUD functionality in an application, you would quickly learn that the process is quite…lengthy. Luckily, the main objective of the Rails creation team was to create an efficient way to build core application functionality — which is what the rails generate command exemplifies!


Generators helps us save time when building out our Rails application. …

I took the “MVP-approach” to build my second portfolio project and here’s why.

First off, MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product and it is the first version of a product. It contains enough features of high enough quality to attract the first set of customers and is able to gather valuable feedback on how customers use and value the product.

In today’s technology industry, developing an MVP is a very common practice and is useful in the planning of a project or even a startup. By initally creating and testing a MVP verses a final product, a corporation or organization can:

  • Check whether the product is appealing to potential users.
  • Save time and…

Okay, okay. So, I know that I promised to blog pretty often about my journey to becoming a Software Engineer, but you all… that was before I knew what I was getting myself into. Let’s just skip ahead and talk about the past two weeks of this program — Project Week 1 & 2!

For the past two weeks, I have been working on building a Ruby gem that provides a Command Line Interface (CLI) to an external data source using Object Orientated Ruby. I used an Application Programming Interface (API) from a public website to create my project.


‘Ya know what’s funny?

I began drafting my long, outrageous, and unattainable list of 2020 New Year’s resolutions back in Oct’19. It’s practically a “tradition” for me to create such a list and fail to carry out at least one thing to at least… mmm… Groundhog Day? haha!

Well, guess what? This year was no different. In mid-March, I found that dusty list of New Year’s resolutions:

“Make up your bed and eat breakfast.” I’m a virgo (mild-OCD), but I stopped making up my bed sophomore year of college.

“Take vitamins each day.” Pff. I’m sure that bottle of One…

Liza Tillman

Student at The Flatiron School / Software Engineering Immersive / Washington, D.C.

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